The Summons

written, directed and produced by Olenka Denysenko
Short Film: TRT 7:00

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THE SUMMONS is a portrait of one man's struggle with pain and loss. When Gordon Lish receives a letter addressed to his dead wife Barbara summoning her for jury duty, he is forced to compose a response to a faceless bureaucrat and in so doing, relives the pain associated with her death. As he begs the Clerk of the Court to put an end to these summonses, Gordon navigates through memories of his wife, who suffers from Lou Gehrig's disease. Faced with the deteriorating state of her incurable illness, Gordon is helpless. But the film is not about the intricacies of her illness, rather it is about reconnecting with the joy Gordon experienced in Barbara's presence. He remembers her laughter, her touch, the scent of her perfume. Ultimately, Gordon pleads for the one thing he may never get from this faceless bureaucrat – sensitivity.

Olenka Denysenko Writer / Director / Producer

Olenka Denysenko is an independent filmmaker born and raised in New York City. The recipient of the 2004 Hollywood Trident Scholarship, Olenka has written, directed and produced numerous shorts including The Summons, which premiered at the 2009 LA Shorts Fest, and Timing, Best Comedic Short at the 2010 Strasbourg International Film Festival. Her book trailer for Collected Fictions, by Gordon Lish was nominated for a 2010 Moby Award and honored as one of the top 15 book trailers of the year by The Daily Beast. Her screen adaptation of Alexander J. Motyl's novel Who Killed Andrei Warhol advanced to the unofficial second round of competition in the Sundance Writer's Lab.