Roll Out, Cowboy

directed and produced by Elizabeth Lawrence
Feature Film: TRT 1:15:00

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Chris "Sandman" Sand is a rappin' cowboy from Dunn Center, North Dakota (population: 120 and shrinking). He drives a semi, plays the guitar and raps. He looks like Woody Guthrie but sings like LL Cool J. Roll Out, Cowboy follows the 39-year-old country/hip-hop musician as he tours the American West during the 2008 Presidential election. Small town America isn't as conservative as we think.

Elizabeth Lawrence Director / Producer

Roll Out, Cowboy marks Elizabeth Lawrence's feature film directorial debut. Her previous roles include production manager and line producer. She's assisted producers and directors on films such as The Exorcism of Emily Rose, Underworld Evolution, The Last Kiss and Tenderness. Lawrence has written and directed numerous short films, including the award-winning Nightmarecrawlers and Beyond the Gates of Ill-Repute. Elizabeth currently lives in Los Angeles.