The Merciful Death of Jonas Blake

written and directed by Seth and Nathan Anderson
produced by Jason Hagen
Short Film: TRT 13:00

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In the final years of Western myth, a young cowboy wanders the land searching for a future. One day he encounters a woman and decides to give up his previous life. What he finds with her is a culture he can't bargain with, and a love he can never truly have.

Jason Hagen Producer

Jason Hagen has worked in both production and post-production on narrative, documentary and reality television series in MN/L.A./NYC for the past 10 years. In 2006, he co-founded the partnership Lullskull Ltd. with brothers Seth and Nathan Anderson, upon the release of their short film The Merciful Death of Jonas Blake. He is currently overseeing the East Coast expansion of Lullskull Ltd., where he continues to develop, write, and produce films with the Andersons. A native of Minnesota, he currently resides in New York City, NY.