Coming Home

written and directed by Lee Emery Scharfstein
Short Film: TRT 6:55

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A young man experiences a shocking homecoming. Kyle's hometown, Andsville, has become a "special place" that attracts highly evolved individuals – five of who have been adopted by his mother. After meeting his new "brothers and sisters," Kyle realizes his journey home was anything but a random series of events.

Lee Emery Scharfstein Writer / Director

Although born and raised in New York, Lee began his career in (commercial) film production in New Orleans while attending Tulane University. Studying Communication and Theatre, Lee's first official foray into the world of feature film was as an actor in the blockbuster cult film Interview With The Vampire. Having been an actor since high school – trained in stage and voice by Dr. Renato Vellutino – Lee was on the path to becoming a professional actor (preferably in film) and adopted the stage name, Lee Emery. It was on the set of Interview, however, that he realized that he truly wanted to be a filmmaker.

"Becoming involved in commercial film production was completely unintentional," says Lee of his career path. "I was really lucky, in a sense, because the commercial world is such an intense environment and I was able to absorb a lot of information in a relatively little amount of time." Lee chose the route of the producer. Moving up through the ranks from PA to Coordinator to Production Supervisor to Producer - with a few valuable side ventures into Assistant Directing and Art Department Coordinating. "My philosophy as a filmmaker is definitely to learn as much as possible about the process which, I believe, allows you to become a much more effective communicator."